EVIRT Italia smart rolling machines

Based on 50 years of experience and designed following the last engineering innovations, EVIRT Italia rolling machines are equipped with the most recent available technological features to assure a qualitative rolling process on nearly every rotation - symmetric profile.



We overhaul your old machinery, transform them into simple, flexible and precision production systems.

Why paying for an environmental and expensive disposal of proven machines?

Did you ask yourself the question: Overhaul or new purchase?

Often you can retrofit old machines with 60% of the funds for a new investment. Similar solutions can also be achieved with existing rolling equipment.

EVIRT Italia offers you a scheduled overhauling. So you can turn your old machine into a mint, flexible and precision manufacturing system. The efficiency of existing machinery will be improved and adapted to the latest claims. Frequently old machines compete new machines in every way.

The machine is rebuilt to like a new condition and is returned to OEM standards of alignment and performance. All components are thoroughly inspected and evaluated. Upon completion of the rebuild, EVIRT Italia will perform testing of all machine functions, releasing related documentation and warranty.

Together with rebuilding and retrofitting service, EVIRT Italia is offering supplying all machines’ components (mechanical, hydraulic, electric/electronic).

The Retrofitting department offers several possibilities:

  • Adaptation, improvement, re-furbishing of rolling machines.
  • Reliability improvement and optimization of the rolling machines.
  • Mechanical and Geometrical re-work.
  • Replacement of wear parts.
  • Expertise.
  • Replacement of control systems including Numerical Control Integration and Implementation

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