Macchine rullatrici EVIRT Italia

Sviluppate in 50 anni di esperienza e progettate seguendo le ultime innovazioni ingegneristiche, le rullatrici EVIRT Italia sono equipaggiate delle più recenti tecnologie disponibili allo scopo di garantire un processo di formatura qualitativo su praticamente ogni profilo a rotazione simmetrica.



We make your projects more competitive, faster and cheaper.

Cold and hot forming are captivating your attention due to possible material and energy savings?

Are you considering the possibility to perform a competitors workpiece using a faster and more economical process?

Would you like to increase today’s boundaries of cold rolling to suite your needs?

EVIRT Italia offers decades of experience both on machines and processes. A competent R&D team, handed over and improved from generation to generation, is supporting you to select the most suitable process and the related equipment to properly fit your need.

What’s more, our Technical and R&D departments are constantly updated and associated with the most modern machine technologies to allow fast reactions and high flexibility.

Please send us your inquiry and let us evaluate whether there is a cold forming alternative to existing processes and paradigm.

EVIRT Consulting Team is constantly taking care of all its customers’ requirements:

  • Process Engineering Team supporting the new products development and process definition.
  • Design Engineering Team controlling the production process and the evolution of customers’ machines.
  • A trial and R&D rolling center to develop and complete the required rolling processes.

Contact EVIRT Technical assistant!