EVIRT Italia smart rolling machines

Based on 50 years of experience and designed following the last engineering innovations, EVIRT Italia rolling machines are equipped with the most recent available technological features to assure a qualitative rolling process on nearly every rotation - symmetric profile.


IMTEX show in Bangalore Evirt Italia exhibiting in India

EVIRT Italia: the Italian excellence in rolling processes conquers the audience at IMTEX show in Bangalore

Over 50 Years of Experience and Innovation service the manufacturing industry.

EVIRT Italia has been and still is a world leader in the design and production of rolling machines for over 50 years, offering complete and customized solutions for rolled gears, rolled profiles, threads, ball screws, and various complex geometries formed on round components.

The Verona-based company recorded a resounding success at the IMTEX show in Bangalore 2024. The event, which was held from January 19 to 23 in Bangalore, India, attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world, offering a complete overview of the latest technologies and innovations available in the global manufacturing sector.
During the fair, EVIRT ITALIA had the pleasure to present its complete range of Smart rolling machines, which, together with the supply of dedicated rolling equipment and fully automated solutions, allow the company to offer complete and customized solutions.

Visitors were particularly impressed by the high level of innovation, flexibility, and countless customization possibilities of EVIRT Italia’s solutions; the same can be indeed perfectly adapted to the needs of the most various industrial sectors. Solutions that are each time engineered from the wide experience in the field and furtherly developed following to the highly qualified technical support. Support that the company offers alongside assistance and maintenance services not only over its own machinery but also over similar machinery produced by other companies.

Keen Interest in EVIRT ITALIA's automatic solutions at IMTEX show in Bangalore

The EVIRT ITALIA stand was one of the most visited at the fair, with a constant flow of visitors throughout the event. Visitors were able to admire the quality and the innovation at the heart of the Italian company’s projects. EVIRT Italia’s Smart Rolling Machines have distinguished themselves over the years for their use of the most modern forming technologies, thanks to which they are able to guarantee high production efficiency and precision that is not yet achievable with any of the competitors’ machines.

IMTEX 2024 confirms EVIRT ITALIA's role as a Global Leader in the production of advanced Rolling Machines

Participation in IMTEX show in Bangalore 2024 represented an important opportunity for EVIRT ITALIA to consolidate its presence on the Indian market and to strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers. The company, accompanied on site by its most experienced technicians, also had the opportunity to establish new partnerships with important Indian industrial companies, opening the way for future successful collaborations.

High-Quality Gears and Splines: In line with one of the hottest topics at the fair and the main demands of the Indian market, EVIRT ITALIA focused its exhibition on the PLANAR SplineTech™ rolling machines series. The series has been completely revised and engineered for the production of high-quality and precision splines.

The Smart rolling machines of the PLANAR SplineTech™ series are equipped with a servo-controlled tailstock which, together with the other innovations for which the Italian company is famous in the world, allows for a quick and absolutely repeatable setup of the machines, permitting users to obtain exceptional production quality.

With its Indian trip, EVIRT Italia aims to increase its presence on the Indian market with its innovative SmartTech™ rolling machines series. It is no longer a secret that this emerging market is constantly seeking for greater quality and innovation, also and above all due to the production of full-electric cars, whose components require production quality and reliability.

IMTEX - The Indian Machine Tool Exhibition

IMTEX, The Indian Machine Tool Exhibition, is a specialized trade fair that showcases the latest innovations in metalworking machine tools and machining system. Exhibitors and participants found the exhibition to be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and do business.

IMTEX show in Bangalore is also a strong meeting point for industry professionals who can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations. Participants have the opportunity to make new connections, explore new business prospects, and participate in ideas exchanging meetings to realize an intense business activities.

EVIRT ITALIA: A Reliable Partner for Industrial Production

Thanks to its proven experience and its constant commitment to innovation, EVIRT ITALIA is confirmed as a the most reliable partner for companies that want to improve their production efficiency and their competitiveness on the market.

Why choose EVIRT Italia:

  • Over 50 years of experience in the machines’ manufacturing industry
  • World leader in rolling technology
  • Complete and highly customized solutions
  • State-of-the-art rolling machines
  • Maximum quality and reliability
  • Prompt and excellent customer service

Some Comments from Visitors:

"I was very impressed by EVIRT ITALIA's rolling solutions. They are truly innovative and flexible." - Eng. A.K. Sharma.
"The EVIRT ITALIA stand was one of the most interesting at the fair. The technicians were very helpful and exceptionally competent." - Mr. R.K. Gupta.
"I am sure that EVIRT ITALIA will continue to grow and establish itself on the Indian market.” - Prof. S.K. Jain, professor of industrial engineering at Bangalore University.