EVIRT Italia smart rolling machines

Based on 50 years of experience and designed following the last engineering innovations, EVIRT Italia rolling machines are equipped with the most recent available technological features to assure a qualitative rolling process on nearly every rotation - symmetric profile.



Based on its experienced and competent engineers, the EVIRT Italia Technical Department is available to develop Special Projects in cooperation with Research and Development branch of customers



    Characterized by the inventiveness and flexibility that has always distinguished the Italian companies, a further service that EVIRT Italia is providing to his customers is the on purpose design and production of Alternative Machines for forming processes.

    Based on its long experience in automation and engineering, the EVIRT Italia R&D department, as well as its Technical department, is well known for his ability to supply fully customized projects for customer dedicated machines.

    Some famous example of common projects are below mentioned:



    The FIN Tubes Rolling Machines represents a specially designed RADIAL Rolling Machines dimensioned and structured to fit all the particular needs of Extruded Finned Pipes’ Production.

    The main advantage of Extruded Finned Pipes is the easier and faster transmission of the heat on many kind of pipes for internal circulating fluid. Moreover, this rolling process presents notable advantages like:

    • Lower Production Time.
    • Lower Production Cost.
    • Improved Mechanical Properties of material.
    • Outstanding Surface Quality.
    • High Precision.
    • No Material waste.

    Born from Radial machine, the FIN Tubes are equipped with three rolling spindles driven by directly connected brushless motors, which can provide high rotating speed up to 1000 rpm. The main lead of the EVIRT Italia FINs Machines is the almost unlimited connection with automations, their short cycle times and the ability to make a quick and fully automatic setup, mainly represented by automatically motorized control and actuation of the precise spindles’ swivelling angle – the most relevant parameter in affecting the fins’ quality.

    Each spindle present a dedicated tools’ support where the finning discs are assembled in an intuitive and quick way.

    As well as any EVIRT Italia machine, the FINs models can be equipped with PLC or CNC control unit.

    FIN series’ Force is ranging from 100 kN to 2400 kN, while the Pipes Diameters range is included between Ø 10 mm and Ø 140 mm.


    Born as complementary accessory for the rolling machine, the Burnishing Machine has developed its own market thanks to its ability to provide super finished surfaces on round components like bars, pneumatic cylinder stem, motor crankshaft, coupling pins, etc. The main advantages of using a rolling process to Super Finish cylindrical surfaces are the reduced production time, the improved mechanical properties of the rolled material and the saved costs due to zero material waste.

    Equipped with a single hydraulic pushing slide and a series of rotating tools (related to the workpieces’ needs), the machine is suitable both for infeed and throughfeed Superfinishing Rolling processes to be perform on cylindrical surfaces, including also slightly conical ones.

    This machine’s series is suitable to work parts having a diameter range within Ø 2mm and Ø 165 mm, while the burnishing force is ranging from 40 kN to 100 kN.


    The corrugation machine CMs has been developed to corrugate components with the use of two sliding heads together with further pulling and rotating equipment. The machine has been designed and produced to suit any kind of corrugating pipes, principally the ones with tiny thickness (less than 1,5 mm). The work is performed by a through feed rolling process where the workpiece is pulled through a threading heads while forced to rotate. The machine is standardly provide together with an automatic system which includes loading, feeding and unloading activities as well as all the process’ contour needs.

    The machine is equipped with two sliding heads, where the tools are installed on. The angular position of the corrugating tools, as well as the distance between them, is easily and intuitive modifiable in a fully automatically mode to adapt to the corrugating pitch. Each movement is driven by a brushless motor which is properly synchronized with the other one in order to simultaneously position all the machine’s actuators.

    Special projects


    Based on its experienced and competent engineers, the EVIRT Italia Technical Department is available to develop Special Projects in cooperation with Research and Development branch of customers, defining the architecture of the special machines and establishing tests, expected performances, cost forecast and much more.