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Based on 50 years of experience and designed following the last engineering innovations, EVIRT Italia rolling machines are equipped with the most recent available technological features to assure a qualitative rolling process on nearly every rotation - symmetric profile.

New study on thread rolling

Soluzioni Innovative per la Rullatura con i rulli cilindrici by Evirt Italia

New study on thread rolling

Thread rolling technology: a new study shows the evolution of thread rolling with the use of cylindrical rollers and innovations on thread rolling machines.

Thread rolling technology is experiencing an important evolution, as demonstrated by a new study conducted by Evirt Italia in collaboration with cylindrical tool manufacturers. The study, which is the result of a year of joint work, led to the creation of new generation cylindrical rollers which, used on Evirt Italia’s Smart Rolling Machines, guarantee high precision and longer tool life.

The evolution of thread rolling technology has been made possible thanks to the implementation of innovative engineering solutions and various mechanical applications that have been tested directly on Evirt rolling machines. This research and development process allowed us to identify areas for improvement and implement the necessary changes to obtain the best possible results.

The new generation cylindrical rollers, together with the Smart Rolling Machines of Evirt Italia, offer numerous advantages for the production of high quality threads.

thread rolling dies for special process

The greater precision and durability of the tools, in fact, allow us to reduce production times and increase the efficiency of production activities. Furthermore, the possibility of making precise adjustments and the flexibility of the machines allow it to adapt to the specific needs of each customer.

In conclusion, thread rolling technology is experiencing a moment of important progress, thanks to the commitment of Evirt Italia and its partners in the research and development of innovative solutions. New generation cylindrical rollers and Smart Rolling Machines offer significant advantages for the production of high quality threads, ensuring greater precision, durability and flexibility in production activities.

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